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Community garden benefits little rock neighborhood

Article in Mother Earth News about a successful community garden in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Karen seek freedom on foreign soil

Refugees from a restive area of Myanmar find a sense of safety in the United States but can face struggles while settling into new surroundings

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Burma's blood colored gems

Burmese rubies are reminding an increasing number of international gem dealers of the bloody suppression of democracy advocates by Burmaโ€™s military junta.

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Rails to trails

The demise of American railroads has benefited bicycling with abandoned railway lines converted into dedicated bicycle paths, some for hundreds of kilometres.

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Rediscovering America

In 1987, I moved to Australia and 33 years and many countries later in August 2020, I returned for a rediscover America trip. In my years away much had changed and I wanted to know what and how. 
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Thai couple cycling across America

Thai couple  signed up for the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) as part of their extended bicycle journey across the continental United States.

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